Another Conversation with H

by Bella Rum

We were in the car. H was driving. I was wool gathering, thinking about a neighbor in our former neighborhood. His wife had Alzheimer’s Disease. He took care of her at home for many years.

Bella ~ My heart used to hurt when I thought of Ted. 

H ~ I know.

Bella ~ He took care of her for so long. I wonder if they had long-term care insurance. 

H ~ I doubt it.

B ~ He was so good with her. 

H ~ Yes, he was.

B ~ I wonder how he’s doing? I’m glad he found someone after Linda died. He deserves some happiness.

H ~ He does.

B ~ You know, I couldn’t judge him even if he found her before Linda died. Do you think he did?

H ~ No. I don’t.

B ~ Well, I couldn’t judge him. He was so tender with her. I hope he found comfort wherever he could, even if it was a real relationship. If that happens to me, I would want you to have someone who really cared about you. I don’t want you to feel guilty.

… somber, contemplative pause…

H ~ How bad do you have to be?

H & B ~ Laughter… uncontrollable (I thought he was going to have to pull off the road.)

H & B ~ Breathing… breathing…calming down

H ~ How about a little something in writing.

H & B ~ Renewed laughter…

The closer to the grave, the darker the humor.

I know this doesn’t translate, but we were hysterical.