Short Post

by Bella Rum

Last night, I fell asleep as soon as the debate started. I did not see one minute of it. H’s expert analysis: Christie did fine, Jeb needled Trump, Cruz and Rubio mixed it up a little, and Carson’s fifteen minutes are over. There you go. Who needs to watch the debates with in-depth analysis like that.

We ordered a file cabinet on Monday and it arrived yesterday. Packages are arriving faster now. I ordered a few things several weeks ago, and it took forever for them to arrive. It’s a good thing I’m an early shopper.

IMG_0670I’m hoping the file cabinet looks good when H puts it together – photos in a couple of days. Our former one is out in the garage. It was an old, metal affair that ATT gave him ages ago. It survived a lot of wars and has the scars to prove it.  We don’t usually do presents for each other, but we’re calling it a present, that and the television. Pretty big presents, I’d say. Not the norm, but we needed both, especially the file cabinet.

H is going to play golf today. Our weather has been gorgeous enough – in the seventies for the past four or five days – to stroll on the beach. I can’t believe it’s December.

My niece called last night. She got an offer on her house and started the process, but the buyers kept nickel-and-diming her, and she didn’t have a lot of faith in their financing, so it all fell through the rabbit hole. She will wait until after Christmas. I hope she doesn’t change her mind. I’d love for her to move closer to me… and her job, of course.