File It

by Bella Rum


The assembly took awhile, but H said the directions were good. It’s bigger than I thought. Can you believe that I didn’t pay any attention to the dimensions? That is not like me. I’m losing it. But I like the size, and it fits the space well. That elephant belonged to my friend’s mother. She was a great lady, and I was wild about her. I tied little red ribbons on it every place I could. 🙂 And I think of her.

a peek insideIMG_0709

That’s only half the files. There are more in there now.

When we went to Smithfield, it rained cats and dogs most of the day, but we had a great time. It’s a very small town, but it’s charming and has a few stores. We checked out a couple of the antique shops, and guess what? I found something to bring home: two alabaster lamps. I already have one that I got many years ago when I lived in Maryland. It’s sits on a small chest that’s between two chairs in my bedroom. The two new ones are now on each nightstand. They’re pretty. I like the size and the graceful urn shape. I have a  hard time finding new lamps that I like more than these old alabaster ones.

When I mentioned I was getting a red-eye ham, a couple of you asked about red-eye gravy. It’s made with country ham, coffee and pork stock. I’ve never made it in my life. Can you believe that? You fry a country ham steak (bone in), remove steak from pan, add coffee and pork stock and reduce. There you go. The small, boneless red-eye that I like is perfect for slicing. It has little fat. The whole steak (with more fat) is a better choice for gravy.

Was it just me, or was Gov. O’Malley a little feisty at the beginning of last night’s debate? He seemed to simmer down after the first break. I’d already left Maryland before he became governor. William Donald Schaefer was governor most of the time we were there. Talk about feisty, I’ll never forget when he called the Eastern Shore a shithouse. He refused to apologize. After the comment, a convoy of cars and pickup trucks with outhouses in the back, and Eastern Shore residents armed with bags of manure crossed the Bay Bridge and converged on the State House in Annapolis, demanding an apology. He finally apologized. Politics, it’s a crazy house.