The Week Between

by Bella Rum

We’re in the middle now, aren’t we? Christmas and New Year’s are like bookends.

The kids are still here. The little one is walking around with a braid and a ponytail – one on each side of her head. Her choice, but you knew that, didn’t you?

They’re all playing outside now. It’s 75 F. The house is breathless with their energy. It never ceases to amaze me. Everyone seemed happy with their presents. While her mother and I were taking a nap, the little one got into her older sister’s stamp pad that was a wheel of different colors. She pulled out each little pad and mixed them up like a salad. They were all one gross green-brown color by the time she finished practicing her dark magic on them. That goes to show that two women should never go to sleep when kids and men are in the house. 🙂

It was so warm that we walked around the neighborhood in shirtsleeves to look at the lights on Christmas Eve, and we sat outside on the steps and watched the kids play on Christmas night. My son said, “It’s like summer without the bugs.”

I’m going to try to get them all on the front step with their Santa hats for a photo soon. They’re always a little hokie but oh, so cute.

I made potato salad and deviled eggs this morning to go with the ham biscuits tonight. The birthday celebrations will happen this afternoon. My DIL said they will make dinner tomorrow night. I always love whatever she cooks.

My B-I-L remarried about six years ago, after my sister died. I received a snarky Christmas card from them in his wife’s handwriting. It said, “Sorry if this is late, but I had to wait for your new address.” Barely subtle enough. Of course, that was not true. I sent my cards in plenty of time. Also, my other sister had my address, and she sees her all the time, but her passive-aggressive point was well taken. I should have given them our new address earlier. I really should have. I could have even called and told them before we moved. I could have. But I didn’t. Well, I’ve been properly spanked.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. We’ve had a great time, and I’m cherishing every minute of it. When January arrives, it will be all about painting and dieting and reading. The kids gave me a gift certificate to iTunes, so I’ll be reading lots of books in January and February. They couldn’t have given me anything better.