Seriously Co-ordinated

by Bella Rum

Hello. I feel like I need to re-introduce myself. It’s been so long. I believe I’m finally on the mend. I’m still coughing, but breathing better and feeling better. Yesterday, I left the house, and what a beautiful day it was. There was a nip in the air, the sun was shinning and the sky was as blue as blue can be. The air was so fresh. You know how it is when you’ve been sick for a long time. Colors are brighter, air is fresher and lemonade is sweeter. I felt like a recluse stepping outside for the first time after years of self-incarceration. Talk about sensory overload.

My debilitated state does not mean things haven’t been happening around here. Not only have I been trapped in the house, I was subjected to “voluntary” quarantine in my room Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The house was full of men – Jamie, James and Bubba – hammering, sanding, puttying. The last thing I needed was to breathe that dust, but it was all worth it. The walls are up for the new office.

It’s quite a change, but we now have a cozy office where the dining space once was. We will have plenty of room for storage, and my messy desk will be hidden from the front door. The guys did everything except paint. They even installed the quarter round, door facing and chair rail. H was going to do that himself, but he changed his mind. Jamie didn’t even raise the price. H will start painting today. It remains to be seen if I will help.  I’m still not 100%, but it’s hard for me to watch someone else paint. You know how I love to wield a paintbrush.

state of unionDid you notice the welcomed co-ordination at the State of the Union? I couldn’t help but wonder if there were hurried phone calls beforehand – like in seventh grade when you and  your girlfriend decided to wear the same color blouse to school the next day. I thought they all looked quite spiffy together, and Speaker Ryan’s solid tie offered just the right amount of relief to the dashing stripes. Three striped ties would have been over the top, don’t you think? Other countries must have been encouraged to learn that fashion in the U.S. is bipartisan. I know I was.

My blogging schedule will return to normal soon. I know it will.