little by little

by Bella Rum

I keep thinking I’ll get back to normal, but… Now it’s all about the fatigue. The worst of this mess is over, but the energy still refuses to flow. I have nothing to complain about, though. I still cough a little, but I don’t feel sick, I’m not in pain, and I don’t have a fever anymore. I’m just tired and wimpy.

The office is coming along. We (mostly H) primed and painted everything. Today we will do the trim and try to hang some pictures and move furniture back into place. We’ll see how it goes. It’s been slow going, but we’re not in a race.

When we finish getting things back in place, I want to check out some antique stores. We need one piece for the office. I’d like to find something fairly large that has storage: shelves and drawers. I already saw something at one place, but I got sick before I could do anything about it. It may still be there. We’ll see. If I can’t find something, we’ll consider built-ins.

Sunday was a snowy day. I loved it. No accumulation but nice big flakes all day long. We painted while the food channel and HGTV played in the background. It probably doesn’t sound like much, but it was all my favorite things rolled into one day. There was a marathon of Beachfront Bargain Hunt and Fixer Upper. Ha!

I’m starting to get around to visit everyone. Miss you guys.