enjoy the rest of your day

by Bella Rum

It’s cold and dark. The snow flies later today. The prediction is 16 inches. I have plenty of toilet paper and some extra water. The laundry is caught up, and we have extra ice left over from Christmas. I’m mostly concerned with losing power. It’s a nor’easter and we’re expecting some good wind with this storm, and it’s a full moon. That won’t affect us, but it could be bad for my brother. The tides will be high.

I went to the grocery store on Wednesday. It was a crazy house. I saw one cart piled high – overflowing –  with organic frozen vegetables. Okay. I don’t know how many of those I could eat during a snowstorm, but each to his own. I guess it’s better than a cart full of Fritos. No, my cart was not piled high with Fritos.

I got a few things to make vegetable beef soup. H wanted it, and I haven’t made it once this winter. It’s a good thing to make when you think you might lose power. It’s easy to heat on the Coleman stove. Have I told you that I’m not a good sport when the power goes out? Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m good for three days, then I turn into Norman Bates’ mother. I know she was dead in the movie, but you got the feeling she had not been a stellar person or the sort with whom you’d like to weather a howling snowstorm during a full moon.

Have you noticed that “Have a blessed day” is losing ground to “Enjoy the rest of your day.” I used to get a lot of “blessed day” wishes (I wonder if that’s a Southern thing) from clerks and cashiers and receptionists, but “enjoy the rest of your day” is trending. A couple of days ago, I received two enjoy-the-rest-of-your-days within an hour of each other. I got one from the cashier at the grocery store and one from the receptionist at the hospital – after my lab work. I like it when people are courteous. Mr. Rogers was right about that. It makes things better. Don’t you think that taking your coat off when you come home and pulling on a soft, warm sweater and donning slippers makes the world feel less scary. So does being nice to each other. I miss Mr. Rogers, or the idea of Mr. Rogers.

We’re slacking on the office. I still haven’t painted the trim. We did get the paint and some fresh paint brushes. The guy at Sherwin Williams did not tell us to enjoy the rest of our day, but it’s okay. It doesn’t have to happen every time.

Well, homemade vegetable soup it is. And biscuits. Sixteen inches! We’ll see. That’s a lot for us nowadays. I have to go charge my phone and wash my hair. It’s important to be clean at the beginning of any potential “situation.” But you already know that.

Enjoy the rest of your day.