Razzle Dazzle Me

by Bella Rum

I’ve never been as lax about posting since I began blogging over ten years ago. I’m not truly sick, but I still am not 100%. I can’t believe I’m still coughing and feeling tired. H still has a little of it, too, and he has a good immune system. This thing was vicious. At least we’re not contagious any longer. That’s something.

The kids are coming today. I’m so excited to see them. It feels like Christmas was ages ago. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of January.

I had my mammogram yesterday. My original appointment was scheduled for January 4, but I missed it. Can you believe it? I was sick and I never even thought about it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. When I rescheduled, they were very nice about it. Yesterday, the technician cracked me up. I told her I couldn’t wait to see my grands this weekend. She said, “Oh, my God. I hate kids.” Just like that. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Disliking kids is one of those things no one admits out loud. I promised her that she would love her own grands. I told her that other kids would still be obnoxious but not her own. I don’t think she believed me.

I had to go to the grocery store today. As soon as the cashier touched my first item, she sucked air into her lungs and sneezed out a big, frothy spray of snot and spittle on her hand. She then examined it quizzically, as if it were something from another planet. Then, without so much as wiping it off her hand, she started checking the rest of my groceries. I said, “Maybe you could sanitize your hands before you continue.” Her expression told me that she thought that was a plausible idea and
razzleberry piewondered why she hadn’t thought of it. She stepped over to the next register and grabbed the
sanitizer and exclaimed that she didn’t know where that had come from. It’s a wonder we all aren’t sick. She then found a coupon stuck to the outside of my frozen razzleberry (red raspberries & blackberries) pie that saved 75 cents for me. The razzleberry pie is for the kids… of course. Who’d you think it was for?

I have a tip for you that I keep forgetting to tell you. Wrap your lettuce in paper towels to keep it fresh. I’ve only tried this with iceberg lettuce, but I think it will work with any type of lettuce. My niece told me about it. I didn’t even put my lettuce in a plastic bag after I wrapped it. I just popped it in the fridge. However, I read an article about 3 ways to store salad greens. They used mixed greens in their experiment and offered three options.

1) Wrap lettuce or loose leaves in paper towels and place in a sealed plastic bag.

2) Insert lettuce in plastic bag and blow a puff of air into the bag and seal it.

3) Line a plastic box with paper towels, place greens in container, place paper towel on top of lettuce and seal container.

The article proclaimed the paper-lined plastic box to be the winner. The leaves were still fresh enough for a salad after 10 days. That isn’t so bad for loose mixed greens.

Have a nice weekend!