The Dream – Tardy – The Accident

by Bella Rum

The Dream

It was so cold. Surrounded by my family, I fell asleep on a frozen lake. When I woke, they were gone, and all of the ice touching land had melted. I knew that I would freeze before I could swim to shore, and why had they left me there? Alone? When I woke, I was lying on my back, spread across more than my half of the bed, the ceiling fan going, and not a shred of cover over me.


There have been a couple of problems with my hair appointments recently. My stylist has canceled twice and then again when one of the rescheduled times didn’t work out. I’ve rescheduled each time. She had back issues once and was experiencing severe pain and once, when she rescheduled , the pain medication made her very ill, and then her father-in-law died… once. I had a rescheduled appointment yesterday. I drove down, arrived early and took a seat to wait. I didn’t see her. After a few minutes, I asked a stylist if Brooke was there. “Yes, she’s in the back. What time is your appointment?” She checked and yes, I had an eleven o’clock. A few minutes later, a lady walked in and said she had an eleven o’clock with Brooke. Then our names were asked and guess who had the eleven o’clock? She did. I could have sworn it was my appointment, but they looked at the calendar and my appointment was scheduled the day before. Oh, good grief. I was a little embarrassed as a cast of thousands looked on.

This is the second time this year I’ve missed an appointment (mammogram last time). Need I tell you, the year is young? I never do that. Ever. With the mammogram, I was sick and couldn’t think of anything but cold cloths for my forehead and throat lozenges for my throat. Understandable. But two times? Really? They were so nice and rescheduled for 3:30 the same afternoon.

The Accident

I returned in a biblical rainstorm. It was horrendous. I came upon an accident. The driver had hit the guard rail with the front of his car, flipped around backwards and hit it with the back of his car. He had managed to knock both bumpers off the car. The front bumper was on the ground at the back of the car, and the back bumper was at the front of the car. He had obviously hydroplaned. Well, maybe not obviously, but I concluded as much.

Anyway, I made it to the shop with the deluge still coming down. She cut my too-long hair. When she finished, she refused to accept payment. She said that she had put me to so much trouble by canceling so many times, and I’d been so nice about it and she insisted on giving me a freebie. And insist she did. I could not convince her to let me pay. Nice! She said that if they’d told her I was there earlier, she would have worked me in.

We made a BBQ run on Monday. It was so beautiful: 70º, sunny and blue skies all they way. It felt like springtime as the final patches of snow melted away. Did that groundhog decide that we’re bound for an early spring? I missed it.