Them Golden Arches

by Bella Rum


Since I began blogging, I’ve never been so lackadaisical about posting. I don’t seem to have the gumption required for consistency. I think part of it is because I’ve slept better the past few months, and a lot of my writing used to take place in the middle of the night when sleep was elusive.

Tuesday, it snowed during the night. We woke to a white scattering of snow on Wednesday morning. It looked as if someone had come along with a spray gun and left behind dusty, fragile, white doilies, but only on the flower beds, not on the grassy areas. Enchanting and no need for a shovel.

The Little One has talked for years, but she’s started chiming in on conversations, giving her two cents worth more often – a bit opinionated if you want to know the truth. The conversation turned to fast food. My grandson told us that McDonald’s food was gross and that (when analyzed) plastic was found in it and other things you wouldn’t want in your food.* I knew he was sharing his mom’s powers of dissuasion about stopping at McDonald’s. Hearing this, The Little One offered a passionate defense for McDonald’s. I guess she thought someone had to.

I love McDonald’s. Their food is licious. I like those long, brown, crispy things.”

“You mean chicken fingers?”

“Yes, chicken fingers! And those long lellow things!”

“Long lellow things?? Oh, do you mean French fries?”

“Yes. French fries. I love French fries.”

There you go. Disagree? Perhaps, but a passionate check goes in the McDonald’s column! The world needs long, crispy, brown things and long lellow things – at least once in a while. Who knew?

H made some wonderful eggplant parmesan the other night. I couldn’t cook a lick when we got married – over forty years ago. My mother was a wonderful cook, but I never learned. Maybe because I was the baby of the family, maybe because her health was failing or maybe because I had no interest, but once I married there was no question about who would do the cooking. Women cooked. Gender roles were more defined in those days, but H sure has become interested in cooking in his retirement. He really enjoys it, and I have to tell you, I think I love him more for it. 🙂 I’m not a fool.

Our friend Patsy came for lunch the other day. I pulled a container of that vegetable beef soup I made a few weeks ago out of the freezer and made sandwiches to go with. It was a good and easy winter lunch.  Patsy was one of the maintenance volunteers for the Appalachian Trail when she was a little younger. After we ate, she wanted to watch A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Two old guys decide to walk the Appalachian Trail. I don’t know if it was because it was the three of us and laughter is contagious, but we really enjoyed it.

*Disclaimer: I know nothing about plastic or anything else in McDonald’s food. Nothing! I swear! And I still live and breathe for their country ham breakfast biscuit. You can’t convince me there’s any plastic in there. Don’t even try.