by Bella Rum

I woke this morning thinking about Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies. H’s birthday falls on Easter this year. It’s still cold outside, but I can smell spring. It’s over there, around the corner and down the lane, but it’s coming. Now that I’ve said that, it will probably snow tomorrow. Ha! H says he’s going to plant zinnias on the side of the house for me this spring. The butterflies love them, and they are a wonderful cutting flower. I hope there’s enough sun over there.

We are off to BJ’s (a Sam’s/Costco wannabe) and then a regular grocery store later this morning. I’m stocking up on healthful foods. Not to mention that H has a flyer that tells everything that’s on sale at BJ’s, and he’s dying to stock up on all of it. Why do some old people love to “stock up?” Why do they like to “lay in” their food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. I mean, they could die soon, and all that stuff would be piled up in the pantry and garage and in the kitchen cabinets. But I think H has a sense of satisfaction after he stocks up. Kind of like a squirrel storing his nuts for winter or a northerner stacking his woodpile in early fall.

I haven’t taken the first tiny step toward losing weight, and after all that big talk at the end of the year… I figure the first step is a trip to the store. This blog is my confessional. I’ve had a very hard time getting myself under control. This battle will be with me until the day I die. I do declare. It’s a monster.

Trump finally came in second in a national poll -Wall Street Journal/NBC.  It’s probably an outlier, but… just saying.

My feet are suddenly swelling, but mostly the left one. Good grief. Always something.

I’m behind on projects. We still haven’t painted the grand’s room. On the other hand, I’ve spent almost no money for the past two months. There’s a silver lining for you. Well, except for the walls for the office. There is that. But I don’t count that because it came out of a different pile of money. Not a pile exactly. We don’t have piles of money. But you get my meaning – not our usual funds. So it doesn’t count. Right?

Hope you guys have a great day.