Politics, Tornadoes and Stuff

by Bella Rum


Politics just moves right along, doesn’t it? It’s the fastest ride at the fair. Did you see that debate? Rubio on fire! But then I saw Trump say that he won the debate. Trump declares it; therefore, it must be so. I have to try that. I declare, I do not owe that Home Depot bill! I declare, I did not eat that last cookie!  Maybe they’ll do something at the convention if Trump doesn’t get enough delegates. That would be exciting, but how can they really do that? There’s that little thing called the will of the people. Even if he doesn’t get enough, it will still be more than anyone else. How do we find ourselves here? Don’t answer that.

And his ties are made in China and Mexico! Can it get any better? I’ve wondered when someone would finally ask that question! And have you ever wondered about those “Make America Great Again” hats? But forget about his hats and ties. Mr. Trump is a bag of contradictions that go far beyond his foreign-made fashions.


We had some vicious weather here this week. For two days, the winds were wild and persistent. This house is so quiet. It’s like living in a bubble. We looked out the windows and saw the trees bending and twisting in wild gyrations, but we could barely hear the wind. In our old house, sounding otherworldly, the wind whipped and whistled around the other house, sometimes making me feel like an icy finger was running up my spine.  There were about ten tornadoes around the state on Tuesday, four deaths, and a lot of damage. Three of the deaths were in an area where my mother grew up and my cousins still live. A lot of it was not that far from us, but we were lucky. Our lights flickered once or twice, but we never lost power. Such wind.

It’s supposed to be in the 70’s the next few days. It’s still February! I think?


  • I’m off to the store this morning. I want to make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and freeze some of it.
  • We finished painting the kids’ room; the guest bath is next.
  • Super Tuesday is on the horizon, and we’re part of it. I finally get to vote. How scary is that?
  • We’re going to visit the kids next weekend.

May there be no tornadoes in your day! Or life!