What I’m Binge Watching Now

by Bella Rum

sunset: a couple of days ago

I didn’t edit that pic. It really was that colorful. The littlest grand would have loved it. She’s all about pink.

I heard a statistic yesterday. We’re at a 30-year low for unintended pregnancy, and a 40-year low for teen pregnancy. There’s your good news for today.

The weather has been beautiful. H played golf on Tuesday and enjoyed it to the max. It makes everyone happier when he gets to play golf once or twice a week. By everyone, I mean everyone who lives in this house.

H made a pretty roux last night for creamed peas. It was silky smooth. Look at me bragging about my boy.

This place is dusty, the bathrooms need a good cleaning, and I need a new vacuum cleaner. Any suggestions on brand?

We decided to binge watch West Wing. I’m not sure I always use the term “binge watching” correctly. We’re not tuning in for five hours a day, but we are watching one every day or so. When WW came ’round the first time, we missed the first couple of years, were enthralled with the middle years, and finally stopped watching sometime during the last couple of years because the network did what networks do. They had a highly rated show on their hands, so why not milk it? They started pre-empting WW and introducing new shows in that time slot. They knew that we would always come back the next week because we were all addicted. Well, I got tired of having to wait for two weeks (sometimes more) to see the next episode. I got pi$$ed off at being manipulated and stopped watching. Look at me, all big & bad. Power to the people.

So we missed the last couple of seasons. It’s a seven-year series. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since it’s been on the air, but Rob Lowe looks like a baby, and Martin Sheen looks like a man in his prime. The televisions are those boxy things, and everyone who works in the west wing has a beeper. Not a cell phone in sight. I remember when H had a beeper. They seem antiquated now. I used to be able to determine the decade a move was made by the fashions and hairstyles. H always looked a the cars. Now we look at the technology.

How could it have been so different such a short time ago? I wish I could have a bird’s-eye view of the world fifty or a hundred years from now. Aren’t you curious about how it will all be in the future. Remember that Bewitched episode when Samantha brought Benjamin Franklin back from the past? I wonder what he would think of this election season.

Okay. Now I’m just running on about nothing. Have a good one, guys! Beep me if you need me.