FYI, Grands, Politics and Dreams

by Bella Rum


We visited the kids this weekend. It’s a 2.5 to 3-hour drive. Have you ever used I think H had used it before, but I had not. It’s the coolest thing. It tells you everything you need to know about what’s up ahead: hazards beside or in the road, traffic back-up, policemen, accidents, etc. Besides giving us the best route, it warned us about a tire that was in the road before we reached it, told us about traffic pile-up, and it rerouted us around an accident.

The Kids

The kids were great. The littlest one wore H down to a nub. He is her playmate. She likes to play horsey and princesses and Play Dough with him. He was exhausted by bedtime. I told him that he should take a break occasionally. He said, “But this won’t last long.” I felt for him. He loves her so much, loves this phase so much, and she will have to grow up. They all do it.

We ordered take-out. My D-I-L and the two girls got deathly ill. Vomit and the other thing… everywhere. We thought it was food poisoning at first, but the kids didn’t eat the same thing mom ate. I guess it was a stomach virus. I hope we didn’t pick it up.

Other than the sickness, it was a fantastic trip. Short but very sweet.


Nothing to report. We didn’t watch a minute of news. We checked the internet before bed and got the results of the primaries and caucuses. And guess what? We made up our minds about what we thought without any help from the analysts and pundits. A noteworthy  experience.


A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was driving. H woke to find me sitting on the side of the bed, hands at 10 and 2, just driving along. He said that he tucked me back in bed.

Another night I dreamed that my daughter-in-law had two more babies. She was carrying one and I the other. We came upon one of those public family changing/bathrooms. She asked me to go in the bathroom and change the baby. I took the baby inside, but it was not your ordinary bathroom. It was a huge room with lots of people and lots of changing tables. I suddenly needed to use the facilities (a common occurrence in my dreams). A woman came over and told me not to worry, she would hold the baby for me. I let her. When I was finished, I saw her leaving the room with the baby. I couldn’t catch her, and I knew my D-I-L was going to be so mad at me. When I told my son this dream, he said, “You’re right about that one.”

Last night, I dreamed that one of Dad’s caregivers was stealing stuff from his house. When I caught her in the act, she Maced me.