A Few Things

by Bella Rum

Elevator High

We stepped into an elevator the other day, and almost got a contact high. H said, “Can’t we go up and down a few more times?”


Home of the Brave

Thirteen bald eagles were found dead in Maryland last week. They died from unnatural causes – killed by humans. With all the things we have to worry about, some fool is running around with nothing better to do.

Harvest Home

I recently read Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon again. I first read it in the seventies. There was a miniseries starring Bette Davis, but it wasn’t as good as the book. I looked  for it on Audible, and was surprised to find it. I remembered the gist of it, but I had forgotten a lot of the details, so I enjoyed it once again.

Ned Constantine wants to move his lovely wife and asthmatic daughter away from the dirty, noisy city. He searches New England and finds a charming nineteenth-century home in the bucolic village of Cornwall Coombe. They move in and begin renovating the house as they ease comfortably into the social hum of the town. They find it all they ever wanted and then some, but Ned begins to believe there is more to the people and history of Cornwall Coombe than a superficial glance would reveal. He is right.

Amazon says:

“Harvest Home” is larger, more richly wrought than “The Other.” It is even more profoundly chilling. It begins in drowsy, sunlit tranquility. Pleasingly, convincingly, inexorably, the author lures us into a countryside that is the landscape of our nostalgic fantasies, takes us into the life of a man with whom we affectionately identify – Ned Constantine’s dream of an idyllic life away from the city is our own – and lets us watch that dream come true.

So that’s all the FYI I have for today. I hope everyone gets the weather we’re getting this weekend. It’s so beautiful here.

Now, if I can only find that elevator again.