Unpacking an Assortment of Thoughts

by Bella Rum


I must have imagined it, but just as I was falling asleep last night and dwelling in that in-between state before complete sleep, I could have sworn that I saw (heard) someone jump on the stage with Donald Trump and throw water in his face. This morning, I saw the clip in which a man almost made it on stage with him, but the water-in-the-face non-incident must have been a groggy-brain conjuring. Don’t be smug. It isn’t as if it’s out of the realm of possibility. I’m sure someone out there wants to throw cold water on this fiasco.

Just a Thought:

You know how they pack and unpack all the First Family’s possessions when they move into and out of the White House? Can you imagine? I’d have to buy all new under clothing and pajamas. I’m a person who wears those things way too long. I’m only guessing, but I’m willing to bet that Malania will not have that issue. But seriously, isn’t that a little creepy? I’ll unpack myself, thank you very much! I’m also taking a wild guess that I’d never fit in with the one percent.


I didn’t realize that my friend and I have the same numbers in the same sequence in our addresses until I sent a Christmas card to her. I thought, what a coincidence. The first letter of the street name is the same as mine, too, but the street name is entirely different. Then her Christmas card returned to me a few weeks after Christmas. That would be the end of story, but yesterday, I received her mail. Is this the biggest coincidence ever?  After we got married, our first dog was born on Richard Nixon’s birthday. You could call that a coincidence. Or seeing Elvis in your morning cereal. No, that’s wrong, Elvis is a religious experience. That’s an entirely different category.

Dreamiest Dream

Last night, I dreamed the most beautiful and peaceful dream I’ve ever dreamed. My mind, spirit and body were at peace as I slowly walked down a ribbon of pearl-white sand. Waves gently lapped against the beach. As soon as my bare feet left evidence of their passing, soft but resolute waves claimed their imprints, erasing them from existence as if I’d never been there. I watched as a setting sun  ignited the sky with swirls of peach and mango and  salmon and the most tender bits of liquid lavender. I’ve never felt such harmony within myself and with the world. Please sir, I want some more.

That was a once in a decade dream for me… or more.