Newsy Bits

by Bella Rum

I hate to admit it, but I believe DST got to me this year. I usually have no problem. Yesterday, I slept until almost 9:00. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. This morning, I got up at 4:00. I dreamed that my cousin, who was beautiful when we were young and is still pretty darn attractive at 60+, decided she was going to earn a living stripping.

Yesterday, H returned my friend’s mail. She said the post office changed her zip code. I’m assuming that because we share the same address (the number part only), they delivered her mail to me because I have that zip code. It doesn’t really make sense.

A friend is coming for lunch on Thursday. I’m making quiche and a fruit salad. Dessert is a lemon cake (Ina Garten’s recipe) that I have in the freezer. I made it ages ago. It actually made the move with us from the other house (only 5 miles from here). I hope it’s still good. I’m finding that lunch is easier than doing dinner for friends. First of all, it’s a simpler meal. Also, many of my friends are retired and daytime get-togethers are just as easy for them, and daytime driving may be even better. I’ve come to appreciate the lunch vs. dinner thing.

I’ve gotten so I almost never shop in stores except for grocery stores, Marshalls, Dollar Tree (for the grands) and big-box stores like Home Depot (my second home). I order everything else online, but I  do go to a couple of clothing stores in spring and fall to spruce up my pitiful wardrobe.

Brick & mortar stores are taking a beating. Remember when we used to rant about Walmart coming to town and putting all the mom & pop businesses on Main Street out of business; now Walmart, if not getting crushed, is at least getting a pounding from Amazon and its ilk. No one asked me, but I think it all started when they dropped the hyphen. They’ve had no choice but to offer online shopping to their customers, and I’m sure you know they are closing 269 stores. Here’s a list of some U.S. stores that are  closing.

Remember when – – –

At the end of its second-quarter earnings release, Wal-Mart dropped a bomb on the business community. Henceforth, the big-box behemoth would no longer be called “Wal-Mart,” but rather “Walmart” — or, as they’ve put it on their signs — “Walmart*.” Although the star is optional, the hyphen, or lack thereof, is not: Wal-Mart is no more.
Source: Daily Finance

Another interesting thing. Well, interesting to me. Do you shop at Republican stores or Democrat stores? Well, yes. You did know they would do a poll about where we like to shop, didn’t you? They’re going to poll us to death soon. They pigeonhole us and then market to us and then attempt to convince us that we should use this toothpaste, drink that soda, believe in these ideas, aspire to those dreams. They know what kind of beer we have in the fridge, what kind of books we bought last week, what size bra we wear, if we suffer from constipation. Sounds paranoid, doesn’t it? Tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s all true, little girl. It’s out there somewhere. It annoys me only when I think about it. The rest of the time I benignly accept it as reality. A person can’t be bugged by everything all the time, even though I worked hard at that when I was young. Eventually you have to give it a rest. Life is much more enjoyable. But seriously, who will keep track of these things when I’m gone?

So, back to where Democrats and Republicans shop.

Stores Where Republicans Shop

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lowe’s & Home Depot

Office Max and Staples

Sam’s Club


Bed Bath & Beyond

Stores Where Democrats Shop


Foot Locker


Family Dollar Store




Get the complete list at Wall Street Journal.

The theory is that Dems live in and near cities and Republicans live in the burbs and rural areas, and this determines where they shop. All I can tell you is that, according to this list, I’m Republican most of the time.