Grand Plans

by Bella Rum

I am so hungry. And I’m trying not to eat. I wonder if one of my meds stimulates appetite. I’m going to check. I have such an appetite. Oh, and how I’ve gained weight recently. I’m so tired of struggling with this. There should be a moratorium on this battle. After sixty, we should be able to eat with abandon, suffering no consequences. Somebody start a petition.

H is playing golf. He’s so happy that the weather has turned. He will put mulch down soon. We talked about it. He refuses to hire someone, insisting that they will not do it “right.” I told him that if he persist in doing it himself, he has to do it on cool days, and he shouldn’t do more than one truckload a day, not two or three or even four truckloads in one day. Yes, he has done that. He agreed…. in theory. We’ll see. The ongoing discussions about staying out of trees and off the roof continue.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I do more online shopping now. I’m in the market for a daybed with trundle for the grand trio’s room.daybedI have an antique iron bed in there for the oldest grand. We also have inflatable mattresses. My grandson never complains, but he is quickly outgrowing his mattress.  My D-I-L found a bed at Filene’s that’s perfect, and the price is right and delivery is free, which is nice. But it’s out of stock. I found it somewhere else for the same price and free delivery, but… you guessed it… it’s out of stock. I found it somewhere else but it’s a little more expensive. I’m on the “in-stock alert” for the lowest priced one, and should be notified when it comes in, but if that doesn’t happen soon, I’m just going to go for the one that’s a little more expensive.

I’m not nearly as willing to wait for things as I used to be. When I was younger, I could wait till the cows came home for a bargain. At some point, time became more important than money. When did that happen? Maybe it was always thus, and I just didn’t notice. Don’t worry, I’m not spending wildly,  but I am more likely to grant my wishes to myself than I once was… within reason.

Now I’m starving. Writing this post distracted me for awhile, but my stomach will not be denied any longer.