Old Friend

by Bella Rum

There’s nothing like lunch with a long-time friend. Patsy and I have been friends for 47 years. We met when we both worked at VEPCO.  One of my earliest memories of our friendship is the time she set me up with a blind date. She was head-over-heals in love with a Marine from Norfolk. He was taking the bus up to Richmond to see her because he had no car. She said she knew a guy who had a Charger and an 8-track, and that I had to go out with him so she and the Marine could double with us. She would never ask me to do another thing.

I can’t remember what was wrong with her car, but the rest is history. She married the Marine, and I married the guy with the 8-track. She and the Marine divorced after a mortgage, 2 kids and 20 years of good and bad experiences. He’s somewhere in Iowa now, and she’s still across town from me, my ever faithful buddy. She did the best deed for me anyone has ever done.

We had such a good time yesterday, and the food was great.  H opened all three windows on the back wall in the breakfast nook before she arrived, and he joined us for lunch. Sometimes he plays golf instead. The windows are directly in front of the table with a view of the pasture. It was like eating lunch on a porch. I felt like I was outside. This is our first spring here, and it’s fun to watch the brown pasture come to life again. There are hints of green here and there. It won’t be long before we’re looking at a pasture of green and then yellow when the buttercups arrive. The squirrels and birds put on a show for us while we shared our stories about family and mutual friends. She had stories to tell and I had stories to tell. We laughed and ate and enjoyed the spring breeze through the open windows. It was a good way to spend a day. Lifetime friends remind you that you were worth keeping.

Today, however, not so much. I have to go to the poke-in-the-eye doc, but I don’t think he will do the injection today. Just a look-see. While I’m across town, I’ll stop by Fresh Market to check out the salads and a few other things, and I may stop by Trader Joe’s if the mood strikes.

Hope you have a good one.