Soft Tissue – And I Don’t Mean Toilet Paper

by Bella Rum

We spent part of yesterday afternoon in the emergency room. H’s foot started swelling and hurting. He couldn’t put weight on it. He spent most of this week painting the guest bathroom and hanging towel bars and toilet paper holders and light fixtures. Essentially going up and down the ladder, plus doing his regular exercise routine every morning. It started swelling a day (or two?) ago. He didn’t tell me until yesterday afternoon. Hmm.

We drove over to the emergency room for an X-ray. It is so nice to have a hospital only three miles away. I can’t recommend it enough. Anyway. They did the X-ray. Yay! No break. It’s a soft tissue injury and the X-ray showed a little arthritis, AND evidence of a previous break, of which he has no recollection, and never told me about. He’s like that. He probably broke it sometime in the past, and just lived with the pain until it healed. Craziness!

When it’s all said and done, it wasn’t so bad. They prescribed Naproxen and something for pain. We were home within two hours, not bad for an ER visit. I’ve had some doozies with Dad. All day on Christmas Day once. I blogged about it, complete with pictures of my Christmas dinner – Cheetos and soda from the vending machine.

The swelling has already improved, and the pain is receding. Naproxin really works when it works. So it is true, “All is well that ends well.” And the grands are coming this weekend. Easter baskets will be involved and jelly beans, and possibly little fuzzy wabbits with floppy ears and sweet expressions on their faces.  What could be bad about that?