Important and Not-So-Important News

by Bella Rum

IMG_1116Porch Pup

Not-So-Important News

I’m looking for a new shower curtain for the newly painted guest bathroom. Boy, I must be picky because I’ve found hardly anything that speaks to me. I stayed in a hotel recently, and I liked the simple, beige-on-beige, small-patterned, geometric shower curtain very much. Sometimes it isn’t good to  know exactly what you want before you begin your search. I find that I’m less flexible when I have a set idea. I couldn’t find the small geometric. I found a lot of large patterns, and a lot of gray. I need beige, but gray is the current neutral. I finally found a neutral chevron pattern, not the small geometric I liked, but I think it will do the trick. It’s 100% cotton which I like.  I think it will give me that clean, neutral look I’m trying for.
shower curtain

Important News

I do not like my cardiologist. I want to, but I can’t. He will not look me in the eyes, he will not answer my questions, and I suspect that he obfuscates about things I should know. I’ve gotten information from him and another doctor that conflicts, and last but not least, I’m uncomfortable with him. Communication skills are not my short suit. I can make a post talk to me. I wear them down, but not this guy. I’ve want to switch to another doctor who is in the same practice. Awkward. He was one of my doctors when I was hospitalized a couple of years ago, and I liked him very much. He actually practices in the same physical offices with my current doctor. I do not want to switch to someone who practices at another hospital. I like having my doctors and hospital close. So I’ve slowly crept up on the decision to do something about this situation…

when… low and behold…

I received an email from my doctor’s practice informing me that he is retiring. Ahh. I’m not sure why. He isn’t that old, but… I called the office this morning and asked to be switched to the doctor that I want. They did it on the spot, and I have an appointment that falls only two days after the one I already had scheduled with my current doc. I would call this a very-good-special-in-every-way day!! Wouldn’t you? Have you ever had an awkward situation with a doctor?

We had a nice Easter. I hope all of you did, too. The weather wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the days leading up to Easter, but we found a window of time on Sunday – when it wasn’t raining – to hide and hunt Easter eggs. We colored eggs on Saturday. They were very pretty. H had a happy birthday. Anytime the kids are here, he has a good time. His foot is improving.