This Weekend and H’s War with the Mail Carrier Wages On

by Bella Rum

The kids will be here this morning. Yippee! I bought a birthday cake for my oldest (10) granddaughter. I used to make birthday cakes, especially when my son was little. I took a cake decorating class. Do you remember those classes? I think they were everywhere in the seventies. I learned how to make 10 theme cakes, how to make roses, etc. Anyway, we love those soft, fresh, store-bought cakes with the sugary icing from Martin’s. H is the only one who doesn’t love them… and maybe my son. He doesn’t seem to indulge more than once. Maybe he practices self-control. I got a small cake. There will be no leftovers.

H is still waging war with our mail carrier. He’s never been happy with her. It’s kind of funny. He’s such an even-tempered guy, but the way she delivers the mail is getting to him. She sometimes leaves USPS packages in the mailbox that we want to mail. H stands in the middle of the street and waits for her to circle the end of the cul-de-sac and gives the packages to her on her way back. They get into a discussion about whether she can take them. She thinks they are UPS. H gets her to scan them and she realizes they’re USPS, not UPS. Oh, my. And remember when she delivered my friend’s mail to my house. That was so strange. My friend has the same house number but lives in another part of the county – not even on a street of the same name. Anyway, he brought in a stack of mail last night that wasn’t for us. It makes me wonder where she delivered my mail?? Every time H thinks she’s getting better, something else happens. And so it goes.

I’ve lost ten pounds. Yay, me! I gave up wine and a bunch of other evil but devilishly good stuff. It’s still a long trek, but I feel pretty good about the big 10. I’ll have to be careful this weekend.

Bella Rum gets only three pieces of birthday cake. Right?