The Grand Bedroom Reveal

by Bella Rum

H is playing golf today. It isn’t supposed to rain, but I’m not convinced. It’s dark and cool. It looks and feels like rain to me.

The kids were here last weekend. What beautiful weather we had on Mother’s Day, but it started raining again on Tuesday. That makes almost two weeks of rain – ideal for planting. 

In the bench area, just outside the backdoor, H planted three not-so-wide Emerald Green Arborvitaes (they mature at about 3′ x 12′). They will give privacy without taking over a relatively small space. I love the way that bed is coming together. It has a secret garden feel. It’s perfect for peaceful reflection, which, believe it or not, I am wont to do on occasion. I read back there, too. I’d like to put a table under the tree.

I found a deal on two very large, glazed, turquoise-color pots at Marshall’s. I planted pink impatiens and trailing ivy in them. I think the pink and turquoise combination will be beautiful. When they mature, pictures will follow. I’ll also post pix of the evergreen bed when H finishes.

I finished the grands’ room just in time for their arrival last weekend. After only a little jockeying over who would get to sleep in the new bed, they seemed to like their new room. I have to say that I was curious about who would snag the new bed. I had a feeling it would be my grandson. I was right. To be fair, he did sleep on an air mattress for a long time. I couldn’t help but notice that my granddaughter uncharacteristically relinquished without much of a fight. I suspect she has a place in her heart for that old bed. Maybe she will like old things when she grows up.

The beds and shelves were white when they were in the blue & white room at the other house, but I was itching to do a black & beige room for the kids long before we left the other house. Even though I liked that blue room, I knew I wouldn’t do another just like it. So, out came the black spray paint, and that white bed turned black in an amazingly short time. Can I say one more time? There is nothing like paint to transform a thing.


H dangled the shelves that I found at Goodwill a few years ago from strings in the garage for me. It made the spraying and drying much easier.
IMG_1234My son made the papier-mâché kitty when he was in elementary school. I found Noah-in-the-yellow-slicker at a thrift store many years ago. He’s holding a string of animals for his ark. The shoes were my son’s. The ladybug was a Dollar Tree purchase from years ago.IMG_1246



The black-framed pictures of the kids that I had in the office at the last house pick up the black and beige theme in this room.

I used the same sheers for the window that were in the blue&white room. IMG_1254

This was another room on a shoestring. I spent very little money on it. The walls are Nantucket Dune from Sherwin Williams – left over from when we painted the living room and bedroom. The big purchase was the new bed, but it was absolutely necessary and a great price. The only other recent purchases were the bedspreads and the three bucks I spent on black spray paint. I’m feeling pretty good about it. And I’m glad it’s finished and that it’s functional. It’s a small room that will sleep three kids and still leave space for playing, reading, puzzles, etc.