Fungi, Sisters and Catheter Ablation

by Bella Rum

It is not April. It is May. I only mention this because we’ve had the fourth rainiest May since Neanderthal man first etched raindrops on his cave walls.

I received a birthday card from my sister. That’s kind of amazing. And I try not to use the word amazing for any reason. Just so you know… this is amazing. I finally gave up trying to keep contact with her. I decided to stop pestering her. I tried for a long time, but I finally let it go. I decided to allow it to be more… what’s that other word everyone uses all the time… authentic? Um…. no, that’s not it… organic. Yep. Organic. That’s it. Even though I’m not an organic kind of girl, I decided to go organic on this one, but you have to know that I’m always ready to pick up the banner again. I’m the puppy who wants to play with the cat, and never understands why the cat doesn’t want to play. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe a stick of gum in the next piece of correspondence or a dollar bill? Watch this space.

Did I mention that this rain is relentless? It brings low-hanging skies that you can almost reach up and touch, and darkness, an all-consuming dome of darkness. In a month that is supposed to be filled with merriment and profusion, all of this darkness feels out-of-place. If the sun ever shines again, there will be profusion like you’ve never seen, and merriment. Everything will bloom at the same time, and people will rush into the streets and make merry.

I went to my new doctor last week. He’s a cutie pie and as serious as a heart attack. I like “serious” in my doctors and dentists. Humor is not necessary for me. I do the humor. He responds with serious consideration. So cute. He wants me to consider a catheter ablation. He says I’m a candidate because I’m still young and a few other reasons, but I picked up on the ” young” part.

It can relieve symptoms of atrial fibrillation and improve quality of life. During an ablation, the doctor destroys tiny areas in the heart that are firing off abnormal electrical impulses and causing atrial fibrillation.

When I asked about risks (which are low statistically), stroke and death were on the list. I mentioned that if death occurred, stroke would not be a problem. He looked at me with that serious expression of his, considered my observation and replied, “No, no it would not.” See how smart he is, and he answers every question and looks me in the eye, and he specializes in what I have. I’m in doctor love. H says he’s not bothered by how cute he is if he treats me right. That reminded me of Love Story. Remember when Jenny told Oliver that her doctor was a Yalie. Oliver was a Harvard man, but he said he didn’t care as long as the Yalie was nice to her.

He wants me to come in for an echocardiogram. He seemed a little surprised that I hadn’t had one recently. They do it in the office. Convenient, huh?

If I can ever get H out of the yard, our bathroom is the next project. No, the rain has not waylaid his gardening. He “will be stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness….” Otherwise, he would have accomplished nothing this spring.

Bella Rum is growing mushrooms in her backyard.