Cornflower Blue, Honest and True

by Bella Rum

cornflowersYesterday made the top-ten in our neck of the woods. It was sweet in every way that a day could be sweet. A friend came for lunch. We spent the entire day outside on the patio drinking iced water or coffee, reminiscing, catching up on kids and talking car troubles. Except for the car troubles (her’s), it was a rare and unmarred day with puffy, white, fair-weather clouds hanging in a cornflower blue sky. They almost didn’t look real. Yesterday was only the sixth time we’ve seen the sun this month.

We repeat our stories now. She told me a story. She told me the same story an hour later. I don’t think I repeated any stories, but who knows? 🙂 We took our blood pressures. LOL Her blood pressure is 114/78. She does not take blood pressure medication or any other medication. Zero medications!! Nothing!! She couldn’t tell me her cholesterol count, but her doctor says she doesn’t need meds for it. We are both young at heart, but she wins the prize for young in body.

She realized that her mother and her mother’s mother died at 72. Then I realized that my mother died at 53, and my sister was my age when she died, 66. I don’t know where those little tidbits came from. There were only those few minutes of dark talk, no dwelling. We laughed most of the day, but it is slightly disconcerting when things like that pop into your head unexpectedly.

FYI: The Scripps National Spelling Bee takes place this week in National Harbor, Maryland. Where did the “bee” in spelling bee originate?

By the late eighteenth century, bee had become commonly associated with the British dialect form, been or bean, referring to the joining of neighbors to work on a single activity to help a neighbor in need: sewing bee, quilting bee, etc. —

That’s all I have. Have a great hump day. It is Wednesday? Right?