Morning in the Backyard

by Bella Rum

imageFrom June till September, the favorite topic of  conversation for Virginians is the humidity. As we walk to our mailboxes, we call to our neighbor about it, “Damned humidity is back.” We mention it to strangers in grocery stores, moan about it to friends on the phone, and we swear to anyone who will listen that it’s worse this year than it’s ever been. By late July, we are praying for a reprieve.

So when I opened the back door this morning and realized that last night’s humidity had dispersed along with last night’s rain, I unfolded a lawn chair that had managed to remain fairly dry under the soffit and planted myself right here. There’s a slight breeze and the birds are singing their hearts out in appreciation for this morning.

Life is uneventful at the moment. That’s pretty good for living, but not so much for writing. Writing loves eventful. We did have friends for a cookout on Tuesday. I haven’t had friends for dinner very often since we moved here. I usually do lunches. It’s easier. Besides, I have an early bedtime. 😌 But I did all the sides that morning, and H grilled the burgers and chicken kabobs. Not so bad.

We have a beautiful tree in the backyard at the edge of the patio. You can see the trunk of it on the left in the photo up there. Nothing fancy, it’s just a big old locust tree. I used to think of them as trash trees. They do drop a lot of debris in early spring. After that,it isn’t so bad. The branches have frond-like leaves that sway in the slightest breeze. When it rains, the droplets cling to them, and I feel like I’m living in a rain forest. It’s planted too close to the house and the patio. It causes mold on the roof and the roots have buckled the patio. When we first moved in, we thought we’d take it down, but H is a believer in living in a place for at least four seasons before making that kind of decision. Now I’ve fallen in love and can’t part with it. H pruned it away from the roof and threw some lime up there, and he believes he can improve the situation with the patio. I think he’s kind of looking forward to messing with it. You know how we love our house-love projects. So it looks like I get to keep it.