The Storm

by Bella Rum


Everything Back to Normal

We survived a hellacious storm Thursday night: extreme winds, biblical rains and crazy lightning that made us feel like we were living in a tin can as it exploded around us. There was a lot of damage in our area and power outages. We didn’t get our power back until Friday afternoon. We pulled our Coleman stove out of storage and found the percolator. That stove comes in handy once in a while. For the price, it’s a good thing to have around when you need it.

I’ve learned that with access to only a few things, I can survive a power outage without biting off anyone’s head: coffee, smart phone for internet and audible books, a fan if it happens during hot and humid weather, and a light when it gets dark. The coffee is self-explanatory, the internet because of that feeling of isolation you get when something like this happens in your area, audible books to fend off boredom, a battery-operated fan because it can help with the misery of no A/C, and a light (especially in the winter when it gets dark at 5:00) so you can play cards or board games. We had a 500 Rummy competition. I don’t want to brag, but I won four out of five. 🙂 I’m lousy at cards but usually lucky at 500 Rummy.

We don’t have a generator, but we’re finally thinking of getting one. I don’t mind most of the inconveniences. Well, that’ s not true. Who likes to be without power? The big deal is the fridge and freezer. I hate losing food. We didn’t lose much this time. The ice cream melted in the freezer in the garage, but the freezer part of the fridge in the kitchen only got up to 27º. My brother tried to make me take Dad’s generator when he died, but I didn’t want it. Maybe I should have. It would be nice just to keep the fridge and television going. I like to know what’s going on in the wake of a big storm.

As for damage, we fared well. There were some small limbs, lots of debris, but no damage to the house or property. Our trash can disappeared, but a neighbor brought it back. There was no time to prepare for this storm, absolutely none. The warning flashed on television and BAM, the storm was upon us.

Mother Nature is a mercurial dame.