Quiet Weekend

by Bella Rum

I spent most of the weekend on the patio, reading. For the past few weeks, I’ve opened the backdoor every morning, always checking to see if the humidity has arrived. I cannot believe how beautiful June has been. July is lurking out there, just beyond where I can see it, but I can feel it. Like a menopausal woman trapped in a too-warm elevator, July is self-consciously moist and hot; it smothers every warm-blooded thing that lives and breathes. I once saw an actress interviewed. When asked why she did not take a coveted role in a  certain “big” movie, she said, “Because it was shot in Virginia in July.”  ‘Nuff said.

We have a lot of wildlife here. After we moved in last year, we kept an eye out for deer, but we never spotted any. A little over a week ago, H saw a doe and fawn on the other side of our fence. They wander by most nights around 8:15 p.m.

After seeing a couple of snakes (one practically knocking on the door), H bought some Snake B Gone. We’ve never used it, but it had good reviews. It comes in a container with a sprinkle top. He just sprinkled it along the fence line, making a barrier around the entire perimeter of the backyard. It smells like cloves and spices, and it isn’t harmful to animals or humans, but snakes hate it. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work.

Oddly, we were buzzed by a small, single-engine plane around 6:00 last night. He kept circling the neighborhood. He flew over the treetops in our backyard, and was ridiculously close to the top of a pine tree  on the other side of the fence at the back corner of our property. It was a little unsettling, but I can’t help but wish the Grand Trio had been here. They would have thought it very cool, especially my grandson.

Other than that bit of excitement over the buzzing, it was a quiet weekend, but next weekend will be a little more exciting. The kids are coming. There will be cookouts with burgers and dogs and iced tea and water sliding to stay cool and A/C on tap. It will be July.