The Fourth and More

by Bella Rum

Humidity: 90%

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since June 28. A lot has happened since then. I’ve adopted a new diet. It calls for reducing news consumption enough that you don’t run screaming, arms flailing, into traffic, but you still have a rough idea of what’s going on in the world. It’s called the filter diet.

What’s been happening around here?

The kids were here for the weekend. I had two new dresses for  Lilou, the four-years-old. One was pink & blue, the other red & white. The pink and blue dress was by far her favorite. She informed me at breakfast, “I will wear this dress everyday.” And so she did.

It was a terrific visit. They left on Monday afternoon. I woke on Tuesday morning knowing before I lifted my head off the pillow that something was wrong. I was so sick. So very sick. H went to look for the plastic bucket that I keep Lilou’s bath toys in. As the day unfolded, I bonded with it. From 6 am until 4 pm, my time was divided between that yellow bucket and the toilet, sometimes simultaneously. Strains of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive ran through my head. After 4 pm, I was able to keep down a bit of banana and a few ice chips.

Today I’m going over to my favorite farmer’s stand. Since we moved, it’s only five minutes away. I have a craving for clean food, probably prompted from being sick. I can only think about vegetables and fruits: new potatoes, tomatoes, squash, green beans, watermelon, etc. I try to go a couple of times a week so as not to get too much at one time. H want’s to make a vegetable tian. They are so good in the summer when local produce is available.

The second thing I want/wanted to do this week is clean out my closet. It’s been a little over a year since we moved in and it’s time. I also need to spiff up the drawers in the bathroom. So those are/were my little projects to accomplish this week. Is it already Thursday?  Well, maybe next week.

Hope you’re staying cool. I wish low humidity on you.