Heart T Har Har

by Bella Rum

Heart T Har Har

My heart is out of sinus rhythm. It’s been out for awhile. I wonder if all that vomiting and diarrhea had anything to do with it? It put a lot of stress on my body. My blood pressure and heart rate are very low – too low. I called my doctor, and he reduced my blood pressure medication by half. If my pressure goes up, he can increase my anti-arrhythmic medication to attempt to get my heart back in sinus rhythm.

I used to hear about fatigue, but I had no idea how debilitating it is. It changes everything. Over this past year, I’ve become very weak. I can only walk a short distance before I’m overcome with breathlessness, lightheadedness and weakness. It’s time to try something new. I’ve decided to get the ablation. So that’s that. First, I have to get this other stuff straight. I hate when my body doesn’t work right. I used to take it for granted. Not anymore.

Blow it Away

H bought the most fantastic thing – a new leaf blower. It’s amazing. He blows the leaves off the patio in two minutes. It’s magic. Two minutes!!

Coolin’ It

Last year, shortly after we moved into this house, the central air broke… fatally. We couldn’t get another one installed immediately, and it was hot as blue blazes outside. We bought a window unit for survival  and to keep from killing each other. Did you know that some people get very mean when they’re overheated? That’s a scientific fact.

As far as I was concerned, it was money well spent. I swore to H that when the first hot week of summer 2016 arrived, I would put the window unit up for sale on Craigslist . I know. I’ve heard all the creepy things about Craigslist, but…  Anyway, by the time summer rolled around my well-meaning pledge was long forgotten. Then I heard the warnings about the “massive dome of high pressure” that’s hovering over 26 states and producing sweltering heat. The heat index will go as high as 115º. Then I remembered! Ah ha! What better time to sell an air conditioner? I posted an ad on Craigslist yesterday and got three offers immediately. One lucky fella who said he had the cash and could pick it up within the hour won the a/c lottery. He got a great deal on a practically new a/c, and we retrieved some of our money. I felt really glad for the guy.