Dinner – Verdict – Phobias

by Bella Rum

Jean, one of my blogger buddies, (The Misadventures of Widowhood), mentioned her dislike of liver the other day. That’s all it took. I couldn’t stop thinking liver, liver, liver until I made it for dinner: fried chicken livers with onions and gravy over rice. That’s the way I like it. About twice a year, someone mentions liver or I simply think liver, and that’s all I can think about until I make it for dinner. Then I’m satisfied for another six months.

The Verdict
“I told my doctor that I want to live a long time, like to 100. I asked him to tell me one thing I could do to improve my chances. He said, ‘Don’t fall.'”
— Judge Judy

Do you have any irrational fears? I don’t mean natural fears: fire, heights, snakes, etc. To some extent, we’re all afraid of those things. A co-worker of mine was afraid of birds, all birds, even little parakeets in cages. Terrified! I asked why. She couldn’t explain it.

I guess most kids have some irrational fears. When I was a kid, I feared quicksand. I loved Tarzan, but I’m pretty sure he introduced me to quicksand. Never mind that quicksand had not been spotted in my neighborhood, I was convinced it was a possible fate for me. Thanks to the Space Race, for a while, I feared getting separated from my ship and floating endlessly in deep space. The thought of it made my heart race. And I’d like to thank Lloyd Bridges for my fear of being hundreds of feet under water when my tank runs out of oxygen or my hose springs a leak.

What were your childhood fears?