Patio-Sitting and Less Pleasant Things

by Bella Rum

IMG_1599We had a couple of gorgeous days this week. I wait for those days during the summer. I open the backdoor every morning to check. Are you here yet? Day after day, the hot, moist air rolls over me. I close the door, slink back into the house, burrow down into the couch with my creamy coffee and watch Morning Joe in artificially cooled air. Then that morning finally arrives. If you’re patient, you will almost always get one or two in August. Among the plethora of disgustingly hot and humid days, there they are, fleeting jewels that give reprieve to the weary heart, but you must be vigilant and not allow them to slip by unnoticed. You must look for them every single day. We spent both mornings and evenings out there on the patio, days made all the more lovely because of their rarity.

I have an appointment this afternoon with my primary care doctor. The outside part of my left leg loses sensation when I stand on it for awhile. I have to find out what is causing it before my cardio guy will do the ablation. I am placing a lot of hope in the success of the ablation. This fatigue is relentless. We always learn from our experiences, don’t we? Before I experienced vertigo, I had no idea how violent it could be. Before I had a child, I had no idea how much I could love or how much I could give of myself. Same thing with fatigue. I never knew how debilitating it could be. I’m looking forward to a new lease on life… as they say. I talked to a friend whose neighbor had very successful ablation. Other’s success stories are always encouraging.

Politically speaking, this last week has been the craziest I’ve seen. It was always interesting when Dad acknowledged craziness in the world. Not much got him excited. At 96, he’d seen it all, and when he said, “People are damn crazy,” I knew people were damn crazy.