Doctor Frustration

by Bella Rum

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I went to my doctor’s appointment at 2:30 pm. Don’t you hate afternoon appointments? I’m a morning person, and I like to get all unpleasantries out of the way early in the day. My doctor insisted on Medicare’s wellness exam (first time for me) so that added more time to the visit. I’m not sure why she didn’t do it on my last annual exam. That’s when it should have happened. It probably slipped through the cracks. A lot of that going around. I wanted to skip it yesterday and do it in October at my next annual checkup, but no way. She insisted. There was a little friction between us. I never like that.

I knew it was already going to be a drawn out event because I figured she would want x-rays. She did. I told her that I’d had lower back pain, and that the numbness occurred when standing and doing tasks or activities and dissipated when sitting. I told her I thought it was a nerve thing. She agreed and ordered the x-rays. Then I had to go to the x-ray place and wait some more. I didn’t get home until after 5:00 pm.


I love my cardio guy, but communicating with his office is problematic at best. His staff can’t seem to get things straight, and I talk to a different person each time. Originally cardio doc decreased blood pressure meds, said I was to keep track of BP readings, and he would increase anti-arythymic meds to get heart back in sinus rhythm when BP rose to normal levels.

Great. Sounds logical.

I did that and gave them my stats and never heard from them again. I called again and gave them more readings and reminded them of what was going on. I also told them about the leg, and they told me it had to be checked out before the ablation. Yesterday, when I got home from my Primary Care doc, there was a voice mail from cardio guy’s office and an email. My pressure is still too low. He does not want to play with my meds anymore. He recommends the ablation. So what’s knew? Nothing about getting info on the leg first. They’d forgotten about it, and I can only assume that whichever nurse I conversed with didn’t put it in the chart. All of this on a Friday afternoon. I will refresh their memory about the leg on Monday. I hope I will get x-ray results early next week. Meanwhile, my heart is still out of sinus rhythm.

If you’re still awake, that’s what happening around here.