Sleep Talk – Lost and Not Found – Backyard Gardening

by Bella Rum

H recorded my dream talk last night. Think Linda Blair. I did chuckle a couple of times, but I sounded possessed during most of the recording. The only clear phrases were, “Good job!” and “Ethel.” Ethel was my mother’s sister. There were a few chuckles, but mostly Linda Blair-ish groans and grunts. I don’t think it was a bad dream, but I learned that my diction isn’t as clear when I’m sleeping.

H saw a distraught elderly lady in Food Lion. She and a younger woman were talking to the manager and several cashiers. They all knew her. She was a regular at the store. She left her son’s puppy (a Shar-Pei) in her car. The window was cracked a few inches. She went into the store for a quick stop. When she returned, the puppy was gone. It turned out that her son was a doctor, and the younger woman was his assistant. The mother had called her when she realized the dog had gone missing, and the assistant came to the rescue WITHOUT informing the son first. He was blissfully clueless at that moment, but I’m sure that poor doggie was long gone. I hope better for the poor mother. 😦

I think I forgot to show you the pics of the newish bed in the backyard.

the way it was when we moved inIMG_0202

using the garden hose to enlarge and define

getting fired up to do the job


ground cover comes next
a work in progress