From Little People to Old People to Dead People

by Bella Rum

Over the past week, I thought of about twenty ideas for blogging, but I didn’t write them down. It’s been a busy week. The kids came down last weekend. We took them to a new playground/nature park. H bought a huge, styrofoam airplane that does loops when you have the tail wings going one way. When you flip them, it glides for days (not literally) to a safe landing. It was not an expensive thing and moves by catching the air/wind current (batteries unnecessary). Every kid at the park came over to play. H always knows what kids like, and most of the time it isn’t expensive. I always try to find something sturdy, something that will last, something that turns out to be more expensive, and they discard it after a few minutes. H buys things that are less expensive, won’t last forever, but will create a fun memory that will last. He has the knack.

Even though it’s a little early, the kids made the straw man for fall.
img_1678The little one helped the most. She is a strong worker and still young enough to think it’s fun to make a straw person.

The olders were interested in other things. Oh, my.

img_1694But the straw man/woman was made.img_1699

We drove down to do a little grave hunting with my aunt and to take her to lunch. Hoping to beat the hottest temps, we went to the cemeteries first, but it didn’t work. It was hot as blue blazes. This activity was so far beyond my capabilities. How could I not have known? Aunt Ruby, at 87, was hiking all over the damn place while I was half-way collapsing on strangers’ head stones. It scared H near to death and me, too. Unflappable Aunt Ruby just kept saying, “Bella Ann, I’m so sorry you’re so sick.” She would toss that out between her shouts of glee whenever she found a family member or old friend, “Mildred Harris is over here. She’s a little closer to the boxwoods than I remembered.” Between trips back to the car to cool down and rehydrate, I really did enjoy myself, and we were successful in finding a lot of relatives, but I won’t even think about another such outing until after the procedure, and until the temperatures drop. I’m thinking late October or November.

Aunt Ruby is an intrepid grave finder and bold of spirit and most of all, she’s game. My hat is off to her. We offered to take her anywhere she wished for lunch. She wanted Golden Corral. I don’t think I’d ever been to a Golden Corral. Maybe decades ago. When we walked in, she was greeted by at least four or five employees as we walked to our booth. The manager came over to talk to her before we finished our meal. They all knew her. Her daughter takes her there for lunch when she’s in town. I realized that was why she wanted to take us there; she wanted us to meet her “friends.” She doesn’t go anywhere in that town that people don’t know her, and so many of them are young people. They love her. It was a good time for all of us. She’s crazy about H and tells me that he smells good. I don’t know why I never thought about lunch instead of just visiting or seeing her at family gatherings. Lunch will become an institution.

Then we stopped by my cousin’s seafood business and talked about old family tales and such, a little family gossip, and everybody’s health, of course. Then we took Aunt Ruby to the grocery store where she knows everyone and then home. A fun day!

I think I have more to write, but I won’t punish you with an endless post.

Oh, I started a new diet. Will write about it soon.