Preparing for Cooler Weather and Subtle Pleasures

by Bella Rum

When H opened the blinds this morning, I heard him say, “Fall is officially here.” Fall is here? What? What’s that? “Yep, fog is on the pasture.” And so it was, land-hugging, dusty-white billows of moist softness obscured the pasture. No matter the weather or time of year, our view never fails to please me. I feel so lucky.

When the fog lifted, I went outside to blow the patio. I can handle that blower for a few minutes, and that’s all it takes to clear our small patio of leaves and debris. Pieces of straw from making the straw man were still scattered about, and leaves galore from the wind and rain we had earlier in the week. What a mess. The backyard is wearing its usual unkempt, autumn face, too. Things are looking worse for wear. They are ready to be put to bed, but H and I are not ready yet. I beg of them a few more days, another week… or so, please stay just a while longer. Then you can rest.

H will spread the non-toxic Snake-Be-Gone soon. It worked very well during the spring and summer after our spate of snake spottings in the backyard and on the back steps. He doesn’t want them coming in the yard when it’s time for brumation. Last spring, he also found some miraculous (probably toxic) spray for the centipedes in the bathroom. It works for at least 30 days. I don’t smell it so maybe it isn’t so horrible.  We haven’t seen a single one all summer long.

I ordered several puzzles this morning – free shipping. When colder weather arrives, we really enjoy our puzzling. I hope my grandchildren will enjoy low-tech entertainment some day, but I guess it took me a while to appreciate more subtle pleasures, too, like morning fog on a pasture. I think the little one may be our only puzzler. She puts them together with H, and she warns her older siblings to be careful around her when she’s working on them. She doesn’t want her accomplishment sent asunder by horsing around. She’s the smallest one, but she doesn’t let the older ones run over her.

H gets the grandson out in the garage or blowing off the patio, etc. He always feels a sense of accomplishment when he finishes. Kids need that feeling you get when you start and finish something on you own or with a little guidance. I think that boys especially bond during an activity. They don’t want to sit and talk and make eye contact and bare their souls. They want to “do.” And if you’re careful, you will see their soul in the doing.