Middle of the Night Blog Buddies

by Bella Rum

It’s the wee hours of the morning. I woke from an awful dream, kicking and screaming and finally pulling myself awake. I was a nurse and trying to get information from an elderly patient before his procedure. His son attacked me, and when I started kicking and screaming, my feet went right through him. He was not human. I woke while kicking the covers sky-high. I think it’s easy to figure out where this came from. I’m beginning to think about the ablation. It isn’t too far away now.

I started looking around for a distraction, something soothing and easy. I looked at my blog roll that I never look at anymore. It hasn’t been updated in ages because I follow my favorite blogs through my reader now. I noticed a blog that I used to visit regularly, The Writing Life, written by Oh. Some of you know her. It was like finding an old friend after a long separation. In January 2013, she suddenly disappeared from blogging, and I later learned that she died. It was so unexpected and seemingly sudden because, as far as I knew, she didn’t tell anyone. She certainly didn’t blog about it. That’s the thing about blogging after a while. You get to know people, to look forward to their perspective, and suddenly they are gone. Just like life. Sometimes you learn why and sometimes you don’t, but sometimes their blogs remain, and you can find them on a lonely night and feel the warmth of their glow again.

Then I jumped over to Marmelade Gypsy, written by Jeanie. That blog is like walking through a small, charming town on a summer day (without humidity). You cannot help but be cheered by its brightness. Jeanie travels, and she takes you along with her. She’s an artist, and she lets you peek inside the process. There’s nothing but fun over there, and it’s perfect for chasing away mean dreams and clearing away the cobwebs.

So that’s what I did tonight. Now I’m going to try to go back to bed and a dreamless sleep.