Matters of the Heart

by Bella Rum

fanciful-heartI had a CT Angiography (electrophysiology mapping) yesterday. They map the heart in 3D. I felt pretty lousy most of the day. I had to take two beta blockers: one on Wednesday night and the other one yesterday morning. As you can imagine, my heart rate was very low. Not to worry, this will be over soon, and before I know it, I’ll be back to mindlessly watching Trump double down on calling a woman Piggy and Miss Housekeeping. Welcome to the new normal for American politics.

The nurse who put the IV line in my arm was a novice. Her hands trembled. Fortunately, I’m indifferent toward needles. Suddenly, blood started running everywhere. She was very apologetic.  If he’d been there instead of the waiting room, H would have been  agitated by it all. He cannot stand it when they use me for practice. That seems to happen a little more often than you would think, but they have to practice on someone. My D-I-L tells me to ask for someone else on the third try. I do that now.

The scan went smoothly, and everyone was very nice. 

They made me drink a beverage and eat a snack before they let me go home. By that time it was about 11:00 AM. I hadn’t had anything to eat since the day before. They offered apple juice, orange juice or Diet Coke. I chose the Diet Coke because of the zero-carb count. When I finished the CT scan, the Coke and a basketfull of all sorts of carb-laden snacks (I had no choice :o) were on a table beside one of those big, leather chairs. She told me to sit, and I chose some sort of slightly sweet cracker/cookie that was tasty. I did find one bag of peanuts that I stuffed in my pocket for H. It’s not technically theft if you tell the nurse. I knew he was starving, too.

Yesterday, I called one of my niece’s who lives in Texas. I’m a little ashamed that we lost contact after my sister died nine years ago, or at least very loose contact. She was so happy to hear from me. I’m finding that some of my most fulfilling relationships now are with my nieces. Nieces and nephews have warm memories of your presence in their childhoods, they know intimately all the people you know, and they are tons of fun. I highly recommend them. I had to leave a message the first time I called. A warm feeling washed over me when I heard her voicemail greeting. I left a message, and when we finally caught up with one another, she said the same thing about hearing my voice. I cannot understand why I allowed this relationship to wane. That will not happen again. The only downer is that she lives so far away, but she’s coming for a visit after Christmas. Fun will ensue.