Getting my Ellen Burstyn on

by Bella Rum

ellen-burstynCan you believe I forgot to make an appointment to get my hair cut before the ablation tomorrow? It was looking all wild and witchy. I called Brooke yesterday, and she had an opening this morning at 10:30. So all is well. I will not wake looking like an old crone, but instead like a squirrel pulled backwards through the shrubbery, which is what my hair looks like the first few mornings after a fresh cut. I’ve let the color grow out of my hair, and now that Brooke cut the last remaining bits off , I’m gray (sort of beige really) around the front and still have some red in the back. I’m looking rather Ellen Burstyn-ish. Don’t I only wish. That photo makes me think about growing it a little longer. My D-I-L and Brooke are always suggesting that I let it grow. I’m pretty sue it would take a lot more than good hair for me to look like Ellen. She is lovely. I could dress like her, though. It wouldn’t be all that hard.

Our days have recently turned cooler. We can feel the nip in the air in the morning and as the sun goes down. I was washing the front windows in the office as the cul-de-sac kids were going to the bus stop this morning. In a surprised tone, one teenage girl said, “Oh, it’s so cold.” I had to laugh. That tiny, little skirt was  not made for warmth.

We’ve been sitting out back again with coffee or tea and an afghan for me. The leaves have already fallen off the locust tree, but the poplars and maples are just beginning to get their colors. The pasture has turned from its lush green of summer to its autumn-golden shade, and will soon be its winter-nutmeg brown. I love this time of year.

My impatience plants have decided to take one deep breath, and show off as much as possible before their last gasp. They are beautiful, a profusion of pink. I’ve decided to ask H to blow leaves over them, and let them sleep through the winter to see how many will volunteer next spring. I had impatience that volunteered when I lived in MD, and they were a massive ocean of blooms all summer.

Tomorrow is the day, and I will post something as soon as possible. It should all be over by this time tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get to eat supper. You guys are the best buds – always supportive and informative.