After Ablation

by Bella Rum

red-heart-4Everything went well, and it’s behind me. I’m experiencing some irritation with my esophagus, because the esophagus runs behind and close to the heart. Dr. Heartthrob used the freezing method to destroy the offending areas on my heart, and in the process of this application, the esophagus can be injured. It’s common, and not a longterm concern. I’m taking Carafate, a bubblegum-colored liquid, to help in the healing process.  It’s a mere $171 that the insurance company refuses to pay. Thankfully, H’s former company will reimburse us.

When he was testing his repairs to make sure the heart would not go back into A-Fib, he found a previously unknown problem in another area and repaired it. No wonder I was feeling so punky all the time. I’m ready to get my zest back.

I’ll see him in his office in a couple of weeks. He may take away some of my meds. That would be nice.

I foresee a trip to Charlottesville for a little wandering around, stopping for apples at the orchards on the way, and lunch under shade trees in the midst of shops and restaurants. A fun day. I’ve missed our day trips.

When we went to bed last night, H realized he’d forgotten to take his meds since Thursday night. He completely forgot! That is what happens sometimes when you’re busy caregiving, you forget to care for yourself. Yesterday, he dozed off while a couple of friends were here. He crashed right there on the couch when they left. It was the best thing for him. He is such a caring man.

Well, I think I came through this pretty well, and I am grateful for that. We’ll take this baby out for a test-drive soon.