Livin’ Life

by Bella Rum

We drove over to Sam’s yesterday for salmon, paper towels and H’s protein powder. It was a gorgeous fall day, one of those glad-to-be-alive kind of days. We turned off the AC, opened the sunroof and relished a rare day.

When we finished our limited shopping, H got in line. When he was almost ready to check out, I headed for the car. We had parked a good distance from the store because I wanted to add a little bit of a walk to my earlier walk around the house. It felt good, and I started to step it up a little. When H came out of the door, he saw me. He said it made him feel so good, that he hadn’t seen me walk like that in a few years. I’d say it’s a miracle. It feels like that, but I guess it’s an everyday occurrence now. Dr. Heartthrob is probably making someone’s life better at this very moment.

We went to lunch after our Sam’s shopping. I made the best selections that I could for this diet. I think I did pretty well, and we had salmon for dinner. We’ll see. It’s always a mystery until I get on the scale. My head’s in the right place so everything feels possible, and I can exercise now. That should be helpful. I want to get in the best shape possible.

H power washed the patio and steps this week. Boy, was that an improvement. Mold seems to get a foothold back there. The perennial bed is limping along. It’s time to put it to bed. Zinnias are blooming all over the place. I guess I’ll cut them and bring them inside. The nip is in the air, the flower beds are fading and the sun sets earlier every evening. It’s time to accept the inevitable.

I talked to my D-I-L the other day, and she told me that my ten-year-old granddaughter made a new friend at her new school. She’s Latina. Some boys were taunting her, and my granddaughter stood up for her. She is the tiniest little thing, but heavens to Betsy, she has a backbone, and what good is it to have a backbone if you don’t take it out for a spin once in a while. I guess. Still. In the back of my mind, I worry that the boys will now pick on her. I guess my backbone isn’t as stiff as hers. I hope there will be no updates on this subject.