The Most Important Day of the Year

by Bella Rum

H and I are married 47 years today. We usually celebrate our anniversary quietly, and this year will be no different. He’s at the grocery store buying ingredients for a pot of chili. We’ll make it this afternoon. It isn’t exactly on our diet, but it’s our anniversary and election day. I figure that chili is versatile enough to work for celebration or consolation. You never know when you may need both.

I always love election day. I’ve decided to feel good about the process today. It’s taken a beating lately, but no matter eleventh-hour FBI announcements, accusations of “rigging” or attempts of an external entity to influence our election, the process will go forward. This evening, when the eyes of the world turn toward us, H and I will be settling down in front of the television with steaming bowls of chili. There’s nothing better than watching your vote be counted except believing that it counts.