The Weekend After

by Bella Rum

I’m up in the middle of the night again. I put a load of whites in the washer a while ago. May as well be productive. I scooted around to read some of your blogs, too. You always help me through the night. I remember when I lived at Dad’s and the dogs across the creek would wake me in the middle of the night. Blogging saved my life when I lived there, both the reading and the writing and all the supportive comments.

Today was a stay-at-home day. I cannot face the crowds. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday, and I always try to keep my head down through the weekend following Thanksgiving. If I wanted a bargain, I could have gone online, but I didn’t. Yesterday, I heard that “they” are going to try to push the shopping frenzy of Black Friday all the way back to the day/days before Thanksgiving. What is happening? I’ll stop here. This is me pulling back, using restraint, and not forcing you to listen to a rant.

Yesterday was a quiet day, a drink water, do stuff around the house kind of day. I wrapped the birthday presents for the two grands’ December birthdays. I haven’t started on the Christmas presents, but that’s next. H cut the grass, more for the purpose of getting the leaves up and bagging them than cutting the grass. There will be a trip to the dump soon.

All of the fall decorations have been scooped up, placed in their containers and closeted away. The straw man has been relieved of his bib overalls and straw hat and dismantled, all of his straw bagged and ready for the dump. The bright yellow mum and Cinderella pumpkin… poof. All gone. As if it never happened. All signs of marking the season are gone. I really could have kept all of it for another week. I love fall decorations.

If I don’t start some of the decorating today, I’ll probably start wrapping Christmas presents. Oh, what about Christmas cards? I like to lie low, and start some of these things on the weekend after Thanksgiving. I usually have the lion’s share of my shopping done by now. I only have one more serious gift to get, but I have to wait until December 1. I have a $10 gift card that isn’t valid until then.  Except for that one gift, it’s all about stocking stuffers now.

H found some delicious lemon thins at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. I went back and bought several more packages. I like to have an extra gift or two for the unexpected visitor that arrives with a bunt cake or cookies? One year, H’s cousins stopped by with a couple of bottles of wine. We don’t exchange gifts, and they did not expect anything in return, but I like to have a little something just in case. I’ll add a jar of jam and/or box of herbal tea. I just don’t bake like I used to.

So that’s how I spend the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’m a preparer. What do you do?

Wow, I started this post ages ago, but did laundry in-between. Now it’s time for coffee.