Gee, the Traffic is Terrific

by Bella Rum

img_1918our most recent puzzle – Snow Birds by New Yorker Puzzle Company

It’s feeling like Christmas – cold enough for snow, but nothing yet. That brisk, fresh feeling in the air seems right. I’ve hated some of the near balmy Christmases we’ve had in recent years. I want it to be freezing cold like it was when I was a kid, when, if you knew what was good for you, you better wear your mittens and hat.

I spent the past week doing Christmas cards and wrapping presents. I only have a few gifts left to wrap.  I’m loving how my house looks this year (photos soon). I only made slight changes, probably no one would even notice besides me, but I count.

Last Wednesday, we drove across town in Christmas traffic to buy H a sorely needed new jacket. When he found something he liked, an elderly man, who moved slower than a snail with a bum leg (snails don’t have legs, but you get the drift), waited on us. He was nice and offered to let us use his extra coupon because we’d left ours at home, but slow, you know? We drove back home through more Christmas traffic, and when we removed the coat from the bag, we found that he’d forgotten to remove the security sensor. By now it was 5:00 pm. We drove back through Christmas/rush-hour traffic to get the sensor removed. Great fun. And that’s when I learned that I have serious problems riding or driving in a car at night. It’s been a while since I was in heavy traffic at night. I started out driving. I made it to Kroger, about a mile from our house, and pulled into their parking lot. H drove the rest of the way, but it was still frightening because everything was distorted. I’ll never, ever try to drive at night again.

We made our annual Christmastime day trip to the historical town of Occoquan, Virginia on Friday.




I wish I’d thought to stand back and take a shot of the entire town so you could get a feel for it. Any blogger worth her salt would have. It’s a small town with shops, restaurants and its own local town government.

We ate lunch at the Occoquan Inn, where we always eat. I got a real man’s sandwich, “The Innkeeper,” a hot sandwich on a huge, toasted hoagie roll, piled high with beef, caramelized onions and cheese. I enjoyed! And I enjoyed the other half for supper because I couldn’t eat all of it in one sitting.

Later in the day, we decided to try dessert at a Cafe we’d never tried, The Blue Arbor Cafe. It was incredible. H and Patsy got the bread pudding, and I got warm chocolate twin brownies with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and hot fudge drizzled on top – all made on site by the owner. I was not dieting. Ha! It was worth it. I haven’t had a brownie in three or four months. After all of that, with much chagrin, I decided to be exceptionally good yesterday. Good thing. I hit a new low on the scale this morning. So all the debauchery didn’t do too much damage. Whew! That’s the 80/20 plan. Eat healthfully 80 percent of the time and enjoy those special moments 20 percent of the time.

My son’s company Christmas party was last night. The CEO is married to a famous TV super heroine of the 70s. He and my DIL were invited to sit at their table. Fun stuff. They looked so sophisticated, all dressed up. Like adults.

Bella Rum is using her keen perception and Amazonian warrior skills to problem solve while looking fabulous in her costume.