Time for that “Decking the Halls” Post

by Bella Rum

I thought I did a post like this last year, but I didn’t – not with all of these photos. This is a little overkill, but here we go.

I don’t know why, but it seems like decorating has been more fun than usual this year. Everything is pretty much the same, with  only a few small changes, but the changes were what made it fun.

I found two of the cutest mice for the mantel at Marshall’s.  One of them has an errant leg/foot that juts out to the side at an odd angle. I crossed her feet and now she looks somewhat ladylike, but her feet are still very large, poor girl. She reminds me of that line in the song, “Well, my baby she’s long, my baby she’s tall/She sleeps with her head in the kitchen and her feet in the hall.”

A flash was used with some of these and not with others. You’ll see the difference.

The Family Room

The Mantel


Dad was a machinist. He made the larger pair of candlesticks on my mantel. He made a set for each of my siblings, too. They are beautiful things made from solid brass. They are, no doubt, heavy enough for Miss Scarlet to end the learned life of Professor Plum in the parlor. They are one of the things I would grab if the house caught fire, those and my mother’s clock, which sits on the mantel with the candlesticks the rest of the year. Of course, I would wake H before leaving the house so he could grab the computer and all vital documents, and I would wear my best shoes on the way out the door. But I digress.


I got those red and white striped candles in the middle of the mantel a hundred years ago at Crate & Barrel on an after-Christmas sale. They are a little worse for wear. After years of not being in a temperature controlled house (or only slightly) while we were at Dad’s, they are a little misshapen. The gas fireplace at our last house didn’t help either. I just turn their slightly deformed sides to the wall. That fireplace ran very hot. I’ll never forget the time Santa’s face and beard slid right off that Santa stocking. It was glued on. I sewed it back. No worries about Santa losing face again.

My old, faithful St. Nick. I’ve had him for probably 30+ years.img_2021

The Tree

The Office


still in the office: snow people I’ve picked up along the wayimg_2033~

The Foyer

This is my father-in-law’s toolbox. It’s filled with pine cones, and from sometime in fall until January 1, its place is at the front door. In fall, bittersweet vine, Jack Be Little pumpkins and berries of gold and orange are tucked in among the pinecones, and it’s wrapped in a plaid ribbon of fall colors. It changes to red berries and candy canes for Christmas with a red and white candy cane-style striped ribbon. This is the first year I put lights among the pinecones. They are sharp little buggers and hurt like blue blazes.


The Kitchen

The kitchen window has a case of prettier-in-person & not-very-photogenic, but I like it. The ornaments and silver beads that hold them are old, but this is the first time I’ve used them this way. img_2022

So that covers most of it. I will post the photos of Dickens’ Village in a few days. It’s in the kitchen, and even though I wasn’t all that keen on setting it up this year, I’m glad we did. It’s always more charming after it’s done, but I guess that’s true about a lot of things.