Old Friends and Packages in Transit

by Bella Rum

img_2130It was bitter cold yesterday with a cruel, biting wind that made you miss your mother’s womb. H has to refresh the weather-strip around the front door. Cold air was pouring through. It’s supposed to go up to 68ºF tomorrow, and drop to the 20s. I’d say that worn phrase, “If you don’t like the weather, wait,” applies here.

An old friend that I haven’t talked to in a while called last night. She said she had been thinking about old times and wanted to touch base with a few people. I was on her list. We talked for so long that I had to change phones because the battery gave out on the first phone. I finally had to put the second phone on speaker  because I couldn’t stand to hold it any longer. I worked on our current puzzle while listening and talking. It’s a very old Santa puzzle that we used to work back in the 1980s. It was good to see him again, good to talk to an old friend again.

I still have one package for H’s stocking that hasn’t arrived yet and one birthday gift for our grandson. It’s no big deal if H’s package doesn’t arrive. It was one of those last-minute impulse buys that I could have forgone. The birthday present for my grand, however, needs to arrive on time.

The first present that I got him turned out to be a dud. It was an electronic project kind of thing that had a number of different project options. H checked it out and said he thought it was a little too complicated, and would probably be a source of frustration rather than learning and fun. Well, I don’t want that. H said it was a cool gift, but not now, plus the motor for one of the coolest projects was faulty. Thank goodness he checked it out before we gave it to him. If the next gift turns out to be a dud, you’ll find me in Toys”R”Us on Christmas Eve, wandering the aisles, crying, mumbling to myself and blowing snot bubbles out my nose.