A Christmas Miracle

by Bella Rum

its-a-wonderful-lifeSo I’ve had problems with two birthday packages for my grandson. We returned the first one. The second one arrived yesterday, and was not as advertised, didn’t work right. It was awful and will be returned on Monday. No time to order something else. This could mean only one thing. I would have to go across town to Toys “R” Crazyville Us. We hopped in the car (at rush hour again) expecting the traffic to be horrible. It was. Expecting Toys “R” Us to be packed with frantic, pressured, need-an-alcoholic-beverage parents who just got off work. It was. Could I have waited until today. NO. I could not. I had to get it done PRONTO. Sometimes I do this; I do a thing that would be much easier if I only waited to do it, but the waiting is much harder for me. I wanted to be finished fooling around with this gift, and I had other thing planned for today.

H drove. Even though there were a lot of cars, everything kept moving smoothly, a good sign. I started texting my DIL about the situation. My son got involved, and they told me what to get. It was a reasonable price, and I know he will love it, but I had no idea if it would be in stock. It was a video game. I don’t usually get video games for them, but I would have settled for anything that wasn’t broken, missing pieces or defective in any way. He will be happy with this. Equally important, I will be done. And that’s what really matters at this joyous time of year. Completion!

We entered the parking lot and it was packed. We found a parking spot. Then we walked into pandemonium. Every register was open and the lines went back and around the first aisle of toys. That’s a long way. I walked, head down, and fast until I found an employee who could direct me to the video games. I found a sales person in electronics, told her what I wanted. She unlocked the case and got it for me. With a pitiable expression of hope on my face, I asked, “Can I pay for it here?” “Yes.” “Yes!?” “Yes.” I wanted to kiss her. I felt like I’d won the prize for being the first to whistle after eating a saltine cracker (I did that once at Girls’ Club). She took my card and completed the transaction. I texted the kids,

“GOT IT. You are superb human beings. Definitely above average. Thx for the help.”

They really are the best.

And we were on our way home. We were not in that store ten minutes. We walked back to the front of the store, past the burgeoning lines of exhausted people and straight out the door. In less than an hour from the time we left the house, we were back home, present wrapped and vegetating on the couch. Now don’t try to tell me that’s not a Christmas miracle. Cuz it is.