Middle-of-the-Night Missive

by Bella Rum

It’s 3:30 a.m. I woke from a dream, or maybe H woke me. It’s a good thing that he’s such a good sleeper. He barely wakes before he’s back asleep. I dreamed the other night that he was back at work and fighting with a union steward. That never happened in real life.

We cleaned the house from stem to stern yesterday. At least it will be clean at the beginning of the holidays. That’s all I can promise.

I ordered the birthday cake for the birthday grands for Christmas Eve. One was born a few days before Christmas, the other a few days later. We don’t usually celebrate their birthdays until after Christmas, but I’m going rogue this year. It isn’t a big thing at all: cake, presents and only family. It’s more like supper with a candle-garnished cake for dessert.

The house is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped. Grocery shopping and cooking are the only things left on the list. I decided to do a small turkey this year. I don’t need a large one. There will only be seven of us, and three of those are children. The girls eat very little, but my grandson can sit down with the best of them. There’s something about boys. I think they burn a bazillion calories a day. The only remaining question? What side dishes should I make?

So that’s what’s left to do. Maybe a couple of loads of laundry and picking up a package of shortbread for H’s stocking. I’m not baking this year, hardly.