Our Highlight Reel

by Bella Rum

old-test-patternWhat a year! Most of us are ready to rip December off the calendar and move on to an untainted year, a less fright-filled year, a year that still offers hope. Twenty-sixteen was the scary kid next-door, the one who spends too much time in his parents’ garage working on God only knows what.

No matter what happens in the world, our personal lives continue, stuff happens. That means you have to listen to this end-of-year rehash of the last five rehashes, and then I promise never to talk health issues again… unless, of course, I have health issues. I can’t rule out a dental disaster.

Until the beginning of October, 2016 was a tough year for us. Even before the beginning of the year, I started having problems with physical activity. As the year wore on, even slight exertion became very difficult. To say the least, activity was limited. I leaned heavily on Amazon, Netflix and Audible.com for distraction, and basically to keep my brainpan in tact. I am thankful for them. Remember the test patterns we used to get when there was no programming? This is 2016… um… 2017! No more test patterns.

Then came our October surprise, and I don’t mean James Comey’s announcement about Anthony Weiner’s laptop or continued leaks from WikiLeaks or that awful Access Hollywood video. Along came a new doctor, a new procedure and reclaimed energy. Walking a few steps had been a breathless, dizzying experience, but all that changed after the ablation on October 6. Life was restored to something close to normal. I could hardly believe it. We’re back to taking day trips. We went to Occoquan in early December with an old friend. A few days ago, we took the kids to Williamsburg, a trip we’ve delayed for a while. I walked everywhere.

So that’s the highlight reel of our 2016. A lot of things happened, but internally, the year was dominated by distressing health issues that improved in October; externally, the year was dominated by a coarse national dialog that continues to leave a huge question mark on 2017 and beyond.

At times, H and I plodded along, one step after another, literally, but we ended the year on a high note. There’s nothing like coming out the other side of adversity to make you grateful. I plan to take advantage of every day in 2017.

Please stand by.