Three Things

by Bella Rum

1. Making a new recipe and using an old but seldom used pan in a way that I don’t usually use it, I burned the dickens out of my hand. I made stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with olives, sliced almonds, dill and goat cheese). It was pretty easy and pretty good, but… I altered the recipe a little. Following the directions, I browned them on top of the stove, but instead of doing all the cooking on top of the stove, I put the whole thing in the oven to finish it off. When they were ready, and after I plated the breasts and was almost ready to sit down to eat, without any thought, I grabbed the handle of the pan to move it. OUCH! Ouch, ouch, ouch! I held a glass of ice while I ate. I slept with my hand on a cold pack. It’s fine now, but holy moly! Not-even-bad burns hurt! (I added goat cheese to the recipe because… well, because it’s cheese, duh)

2. H was behind a car that had a couple of kids in the back seat the other day. One of the kids gave him the finger. H was on his way to Kroger, and it so happened that they were, too. He waited for them to park. A couple that was our age was with he boys, obviously their grandparents. The boys ran ahead. H approached the couple, and told the man what the kid had done. The grandfather said, “I know he did. I saw him doing it and told him to stop. I’m very sorry.” They talked a little. H said the grandmother was very nice, too. Then they moved on to do their shopping. In a little while, the grandfather and the boy found H. The grandfather said, “He has something to say to you” And then to the boy, “Don’t you?”  “Yes sir. I’m sorry, sir.” H accepted his apology and told him that it all worked out okay this time, but that he better think before doing that again, that doing it to the wrong person could get him in a lot of trouble one day.

3. I have an appointment with Cindy for a haircut later this morning. Wish me luck.